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Perimenopause encompasses the hormonal imbalances in the 7-10 years prior to the onset of menopause. During this time period the hormone level dramatically decreases which is inversely proportional to the degree of osteoporosis that subsequently develops, along with many other bodily changes (i.e. anxiety, weight gain, irregular menses). Dr. Sonaglia treats this very acute phase of hormonal loss and the actual menopause phase with alternative or traditional treatment options. It is very important that the patient is comfortable with her treatment choice. The primary goal is to have adequate hormone levels to make symptoms subside and to prevent disease.


In our society the onset of hormonal deficiencies are presenting at an earlier age. There are many reasons for this. Women today are under much more stress than the previous generation. Changes in lifestyle are dramatic, whether it is because of the many challenges for the working woman, the multi-tasking mother, increased exposure to environmental and food toxins or just because of the hectic times we live in. Dr. Sonaglia has treated menopause for all the years she practiced in Fort Lauderdale, which was primarily a retirement community. Therefore, in an uncanny way, one of her specialties was chosen for her. She treats women with alternative estrogen therapies [bio-identical, supplemental or traditional]. She has studied the outcomes of these treatments, and has observed wonderful results in the female’s ability to sleep, work and be happy with herself and her home life. Compiling this with the positive physical gains [increased bone mineral density, decreased risk of colon and breast cancer, maintenance of cognitive and memory brain functions], she feels it is entirely necessary to treat menopause or ovarian failure just as we routinely treat other endocrine failure such as hypothyroidism.


Dr. Sonaglia practices with an anti-aging philosophy. She states that aging occurs both inside and out, so we need to take care of every part of our bodies. If we truly believe in anti-aging, the battle is lost if we just address it superficially. As we grow older our ligaments, tissues and the structures supporting a woman’s pelvic floor and vaginal walls relax. This can be aggravated by childbirth, genetic predisposition, exercise, extra weight, chronic constipation or cough and many other factors. This sagging can cause urinary and bowel problems and bring a halt to sexual gratification. Two of the earliest symptoms are a slight loss of control of urine or unexplained lower back pain. Dr. Sonaglia has continued to study and modify the use of laser in her practice and provides complete in-office laser procedures for these problems. Many women have lost touch with themselves and their partners because of the profound anatomical changes we all experience. She has seen women’s self images renewed and relationships restored and saved as a happy consequence of this repair.


Lastly, Dr. Sonaglia does offer microdermabrasion and laser skin rejuvenation for wrinkles, acne or blemishes and resurfacing. “I have always loved my specialty, and it has been my good fortune to practice in an era where the role of women in society had changed greatly. There is so much more to offer women now. New technologies enable me to maximize overall well being and greatly improve women’s lives. I hope to offer women the opportunity to feel good again!”

About Dr. Sonaglia

Dr. Sonaglia trained in Michigan at Wayne State University School of Medicine and completed her residency at Sinai Hospital in Detroit. She is board certified and practiced OB/GYN in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the last 15 years.

During her medical school, internship and residency she was expertly trained by well-known innovators in the woman’s health-care field including Dr. Charles Vincent, Dr. Alfred Sherman, Dr. Milton Goldrath, and Dr. Robert Dock, among others. These scholars taught Dr. Sonaglia not only how to practice quality OB/GYN but also ingrained in her the importance of continuing her medical education throughout her career and keeping up to date with state of the art technology. Dr. Sonaglia remains on the cutting-edge in the OB/GYN field and provides her patients the best options the field has to offer. Dr. Sonaglia has been named one of AMERICA’S TOP OB/GYN’s in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2011 by the Consumers’ Research Council of America among other awards.

Dr. Sonaglia continues to study and modify the use of lasers in her practice and performs complete in-office procedures for vaginal repairs sustained from trauma such as pregnancy, delivery, exercise, chronic cough, or just part of the normal aging process. Her special services have at times required overseas travel to serve women in the Saudi Arabian Royal Families and to treat a Chinese empress.

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